Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

Location: Venice, Italy
Value: 6.500.000 €
Architect: RIMOND
Scope of Work: Building Design, Project and Construction Management
2013 – 2016

Bacchini delle Palme is an ancient palace located in Santa Croce neighbourhood. The main building is from the XVI Century, while the façade and most of the internal decorations belongs to the late XVIII Century.

Bacchini is one of the few Venetian palaces having a sculpture garden facing Canal Grande and an intimate inner courtyard with secular trees. The Taiwanese society LDC Hotels asked to convert the palace into a luxury hotel.

Although the small dimension of the hotel, with its only 18 suites, an event room, a restaurant and a 700 sqm garden, the project is a big challenge. This complexity is due to the difficult logistic and the numerous restrictions given by Fine Arts, with whom RIMOND is constantly dialoguing to match the architectural project and the delicate restoration of the historical structure and decorations.

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