KIP International School Pavilion - EXPO Milano 2015

Location: Milan – EXPO 2015
Client: United Nations
Value: 2.700.000 €
Architect: RIMOND – Toni Marincola & Partners
Scope of Work: Building Design Management, Engineering, Project and Construction Management
Schedule: December 2014 – April 2015
Status: Completed

Regarded as the gateway pavilion at the western entrance to Milano Expo 2015, four elements embrace the central square where intersecting visitor paths unite to form a meeting point. The entire pavilion exudes purity, elegance, simplicity and functionality.

The design for the buildings originated from the idea of a World Village inspired by the architecture of ancient rural communities. These rustic traditions are embodied in the use of natural and sustainable materials, such as the buildings' wooden façade panels and clay for benches in the garden.

The Pavilion was made possible thanks to technological innovations in the 3D printing of architectural elements carried out in collaboration with the Winsun Company, world pioneer and leader in 3D architectural construction.

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